about us

Mouhanna group SAL is a family owned business established in 1970 specialized in electrical & lighting distribution. We first started as a sole agent for specific electrical products, but with more than 40 years of team experience and development we extended our line of products into an extensive range of worldwide brands.

MG is now a leader in electrical and lighting distribution all over Lebanon and neighbouring countries. We keep looking forward to offering the latest technologies and solutions to our clients. We offer both indoor and outdoor as well as LED lighting technologies in order to meet their needs and demands.
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new lighting arrivals

In order to give you our best, we always make sure to have new items coming in to meet your changing needs!
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modern chic stylish

We understand design and how to incorporate it into the technicality of good lighting and function! Thus why we dedicate a lot of attention to the little details that make up our items. We are always up to date to the latest modern trends that translate into chic designs!


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Sarba - St. John Street - Mouhanna BLDG.
P.O.Box.102 Jounieh - Lebanon
Tel: +961 9 63 96 05 / 63 96 07 / 91 60 33 Fax: +961 9 91 60 23 Leb. Mob: +961 3 30 56 86
China Mob: +86 136 40658142
sales@mouhannagroup.com - info@mouhannagroup.com Mouhanna Group sal